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Egypt Land of Eternity
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Abusir, Busiris or Per Osiris
Osiris’s House,
a burial complex made of pyramids & solar temples.
God’s Osiris

principal Egyptian worshiping center.
Aswan Nobles Tombs
Aswan’s lake, West Nile River mountains side.
goddess Bast or Bastet.

The Cat face goddess veneration center.
Dendera or Dandara
goddess Hathor

main woshiping center during Greek and Roman Times.
Egyptian god
Heru or Horus ritual center.
Elephantine temple
island complex,
that symbolized the birth of the Nile,was dedicated to god Khnemu.
Esna or Isna
Its Zodiac Ceiling
has Egyptian and Roman symbols, but also was dedicated to god Khnemu.

Great Pyramids
Pharaohs Kheops Khefren Micerino

temple tombs at the Giza or Gizah plateau.
Thebes’s triad

Amon Ra Mut Khensu (Khons) temple complex.
Deir el-Medina Luxor Artisans & Nobles tombs
  Deir el-Medina

Artists and nobles burial ground.
Egyptians tombs

thought as a house for eternity.
Medinet Habu
Ramses III and Nefertaris

palace and mortuary complex.
Meidum Pyramid
first attempt

to build a true pyramid.
Mut Temple
Goddess Mother,
wife of Theban god Amon Ra.
the sanctuary of Isis,

goddess of love and child birth.
Sakkara: the
First Egyptian
steps pyramid

was built there by visir Imhotep and pharaoh Zoser.
Tanis Tanis
Egypt’s capital

city during third Intermediate period.